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Benefits of Halloween Scares

Posted: October 26th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: Uncategorized | No Comments »

It’s Halloween!  This is the unique time of year when people of all ages can play pretend and be something/someone totally different than who we are in our day to day lives.  Then there’s ….. well… chocolate.  Others enjoy the ability to dabble in the stuff of nightmares.  Ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and even the dark sides of the human extremes can be explored in movies like “Psycho” “Halloween”, etc.  An avid horror film fan once shared that it is a chance to be scared in a safe way.  “It’s just images on the screen.”   Interestingly, Time Magazine wrote an article that highlighted emerging research about other reasons these images might be beneficial.  In case you are having to defend the time spent screaming under a blanket while watching scary movies, now you can have some data to back up your fun:

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